29 October 2010

p4: gravity field visualization experiment

Gfield script is an attempt to visualize the units of space-time as they are distorted by a gravity type field. given that each 'cube' represents a unit of space-time, greatly enlarged for this purpose, the distortions of each said unit will continue until the geometry can no longer represent a 'cube' type space, at which point the 'cube' will vanish. at a later time I plan to add additions to the script to uphold a change in geometry from a standard eight point geometric shape to one that can support seven or less points as well as adding mass value which will increase the strength of field generated by the attractor point for each unit of space-time that has collapsed onto the attractor point. the following video is a top view of the change in the quantity of space-time units and how they are distorted over time.

I will, given time, make another 'perspective view' video to further represent the three dimensionality of the changes taking place. script is available for download.

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